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Green Global Organics Pvt Ltd
(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)

Having an experience of 10 years with successful innovations in leather chemical technology, is now diversified in launching its dream project in HOME CARE PRODUCTS with the registered brand name “ MUGI “ Starting our journey with “Mugi” Ultra Liquid Detergent, a landmark innovation that democratized the use of Liquid Detergent among the masses in Tamilnadu, India G.G. Organics has become a legendary player in the Home Care space. The Home Care brand portfolio consists of Liquid ( Mugi Ultra, Mugi Fresh Fabric conditioner, Mugi Dish wash Gel, Mugi Wipeout Floor Cleaner and Mugi Spotless Toilet Cleaner and Goo Hand wash,) Powder (Mugi Sparkles Brass Cleaner), Bar (Mugi Dish wash Round Bar , Mugi Dish Wash Bar) & Mugi Scrubber four variants.

The common thread connecting various businesses is the company culture of bringing out new products which are significantly winning and highly differentiated by offering all in one Liquid detergent, as opposed to the competition. As a result, G.G. Organics has launched successful brand “ Mugi” Ultra Liquid Detergent - an uncontested brand which is the fast selling Liquid Detergent.

Our Vision

To make the household work easier, economical and environmental friendly products.

Our mission

Quality products with value for money to our customers.

G.G. Organics has a strong distribution Network in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We also export the product with a focus on South Asia, South East Asia and GCC countries. The journey of G.G. Organics continues with product innovation and customer satisfaction.


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How does Mugi Liquid Detergent work?

Use one full cap (50) for one full load of machine wash
30ml sachet for one bucket (10L) wash
50ml sachet for one full load machine wash

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