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Dish Wash



  • Mugi dishwasher has power to fight tough grease and get dishes squeaky clean.

  • Gets rid of germs up to 99.9%.

  • Less water consumption. Can be used for dishwasher also.

  • It works hard on stains and soft on hands.

  • The unique concentrated pH balanced formula removes grease from all types of utensils.

  • It prevents scales on utensils.

  • It cleans the utensils even hard water.


Mugi Dishwash Gel Bottle : 500ml, 250ml

Mugi Dishwash Gel Pouch : 150ml

Mugi Dishwash Round : 500gms & 250gms

Mugi Dishwash Cakes : 300gms, 150gms, 85gms

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